Our History


The Agape Ministries for Christ International (AMCI), formally Invaders Ministry for Christ International (IMCI) was formed by a group of young men who were students at St Joseph’s College, Ombaci in the year 1991.  The main motivation for the start of this Ministry activity was the spiritual implication of name “Arua”, where these young men were from. The name Arua means in prison. This imprisonment was evident in the lifestyle and condition of the residents, inspite of the people being very hard-working and Arua being a business hub. The fruits of their labor were thrown into drinking, witchcraft, corruption, drug abuse, sexual perversion, and several other social evils, these becoming the order of the day.  Poverty, disease, premature death, and strong religious denominational ties had a stronghold on the people. 


The Invaders


The desire of the young men was to see the move of the Holy Spirit and transformation of the land of West Nile through the light of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and break the power of evil that had taken the land hostage. The ministry decided to INVADE the Kingdom of darkness through prayer and fasting so that the people would go free starting in the churches, going into the communities, and then extending to national and international levels. Prayers were held at Olivu Church of Uganda and St. Phillips Church, Arua where most of them were members. Between 1991 and 1997, the impact of this revival had spread from Ombaci, where it started to other schools whose members also became invaders including Mvara S.S, Muni Girls School and Ediofe girls S. S. Since by 1997, the revival was driven by youth mostly in secondary schools, the Ministry was called Invaders’ Youth Ministry for Christ International (IYMCI) driven by the scripture in Acts 17:6 “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also”

Ministry Registration

In May 2004, the Ministry came up with its first constitution and was duly registered with the NGO Board in the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda as a Non-governmental organisation in the name Invaders’ Ministry for Christ International (IMCI) with the member churches called Agape Christian Fellowship (ACF) Churches. This development resulted with the birth of the first Ministry church as Agape Christian Fellowship, Arua on August 29, 2004.

In 2005, during a request to renew Ministry registration, the local authorities would not permit renewal of the Ministry registration with the name “Invaders” due to its violent connotation, the country being through some political unrest during this period. So, the Ministry leadership through prayer and consultations, agreed to change the Ministry name to Agape Ministries for Christ International (AMCI), which is the name to date.

Later from 2008, the Ministry started expanding to other parts of Uganda and also into Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi, where the Ministry presently has foot marks.